This book, like this review, is a paradox of many of my natural habits.
I’m not one for the ‘self-help’ category of books, and though this book sounds like one, probably is in some ways, it is an interesting and intriguing insight into a (woman’s?) world.

In a nutshell, Sheryl Sandberg, the current  COO of Facebook, presents her take on women’s situation in the workplace, at home and in society in general. With a generous helping of statistics, personal anecdotes and experiences, she has managed to paint a pretty accurate picture of what is, what should be changed, and more importantly, why.

My thoughts on this book:

I like the frank, to-the-point narration throughout this book. Facts and opinions are laid bare without any sugar-coating.
Though a large part of the book is dedicated to advice for the working gal, there’s plenty of pointers for stay-at-home women and working and non-working men alike.

The author shares quite a bit of insight on her personal achievements, failures and a-ha moments. Some inspiration can be drawn from the stories the author shares on how she and her husband manage their day-to-day life, while juggling extremely busy careers. A lot of it can set you on a path of reflection, how some situations could be handled better, how to proactively manage your career and/or home, and hopefully do all of that without losing it 🙂

One example of an eye-opener in the book: Most women tend to wind down on the work front if they’re expecting a baby. The author states that this is one the times one must really lean in to their jobs and careers. Leaving a baby at home/daycare is hard enough, and it better be one hell of a job for you to want to go back.

There are some radical thoughts in book, some which have sparked some criticism, some applause. My take is that what this book advocates is a great change, a movement, and a movement rarely ever happens without enthusiasm, tempers and emotions running high.

All in all, I would definitely recommend reading this book, you will most certainly find something to take away!

PS: If you have read it, please feel free to comment with your thoughts about it, or if you agree/disagree with this review.

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