Thriller to the very last word – the best way to describe this book.

This nail-biting novel will take you on the journey of an extremely smart woman, Amy Elliot Dunne, going from being a strange kid to an even stranger adult. You will be torn between amazement at her brilliance and shock at her ruthlessness bordering on psychopathy. I admired Amy’s streak of feminism until it was just a defense for her narcissism, Nick’s devotion to his mother and sister until it transformed into sadistic manipulation.

I enjoyed this book immensely, it’s one of those truly hard-to-put-down books, and what intrigued me more is the mirroring of events from Agatha Christie’s life.

The ending does leave something to be desired for, and has been a subject of debate among many. I personally found it refreshing to find an unexpected twist, even at the very end.

Don’t want any spoiler alerts here, so I’ll leave you with the strong suggestion to read this one if you love yourself some mystery.

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