Anniversary month!!! It’s been a year! On August 15th 2014, which also happens to be my birthday, we started writing about our travels with the hope to help and inspire people as they plan their own trips and get a first hand experience/glimpse about the do’s and don’ts for the places we have visited.
This is also the month when we met almost six years back and our friendship evolved from roomies to friends to besties to BFF’s. (M: A thinks this sounds cheesy, but it’s true so I’m going to roll with it 😉 )
 We have loved every minute of our blogging adventure. We cheered at every comment and all the likes we received (Thank you everyone!).
We’ve anticipated not being able to keep up the pace of the blog since we can travel (and find time to write about it) only so much ( 😦 boo), and we’ve been thinking about how else we can share our thoughts and passions with you.
Travel-wise, We recently visited Greece and then did a west coast roadtrip to LA, Las Vegas and San Diego. We have some upcoming travel plans that we want to write about, and we also want to add local day trips around the SF bay area.
Apart from that, we are going to start writing about Women in Tech. We have been very blessed/lucky to be where we are and have supporting parents and partners. We feel that we want to spread this support to the women around us and also participate in this movement to get more women in STEM.
We will be touching on a variety of topics about all the groups that are taking initiative, critiquing and giving our input to the efforts world wide, suggestions about how we are being supportive, recaps about events we attend etc etc. We want this to  be a one shop stop for all things #WomenInTech. We eventually hope to contribute to this movement in the best way possible.

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