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We call ourselves travel veterans, always looking at new destinations, knowing the best places to look for tickets, booking and hotel deals etc and then sometimes, we forget the very basics, right to the act of not making sure that the carry on bag that I checked in at the counter had the airline baggage tag and that it was placed on the carousel.

Yeah! Sh**happens, and most recently it happened to me. On my last trip, I lost my checked in luggage, I even lost my baggage tags and I realized that only when I landed at my destination. I found random luggage tags and boarding passes from my previous trips, but especially when I needed the baggage tags from this trip, they just weren’t there. 😦

In light of my recent troubles, I want to point out the various things that you can do to ensure that your vacation is not marred by lost baggage and filing luggage claims.

1. Always take a picture of your boarding pass and your luggage tags, the minute you leave the checkin counter.

2. Make sure that the bag is placed on the carousel before you leave the counter.

3. Buy a travel/passport pouch where you can safely store your passport, luggage tags and boarding passes during your journey. It can be helpful for storing cash as well.

4. Before leaving the counter, take your time to keep everything safely inside the travel pouch. Do not be in a hurry to vacate the counter for the next passenger.

5. Put personal luggage tags on your bags. Write down the phone number and address of your destination or original address and tie ribbons and other things to make your bag unique.

6. Make a list of the items in your bags and keep them in your handbag or in the passport pouch. Remember that this pouch is as precious as your life.

7. Take pictures of your bag, so you remember the color, make etc incase you ever need this information.

8. Keep a copy of your address inside the bag, so if they trace it later, you can get it delivered to your home.

9. Do not check in your carry-on luggage if you have precious items in there. (What was I thinking!! )

10. While shopping for your trip, save all the receipts till you and your bags safely make it back. These could be email or paper receipts.This come in very handy when asking the airlines for reimbursement since the airlines all ask for proof of items.

11. Save the receipts of all the items purchased during your trip. In case of lost baggage, atleast you can send those receipts in to get reimbursed for your recent new purchases.

12. You can search for printable travel luggage tags on google for many designs and decide what you would like to put on your bag.

Some of our recent favorite luggage tags are :

This adorable owl tag from Bed, Bath and Beyond 
This bolloywood themed elephant from Bed, Bath and Beyond 

Simple Initials – Though I am not a huge fan of using leather

If you are not into fancy stuff , here’s a simple luggage tag that gets the work done.

Passport pouches be like this and this. 🙂

Hope you have a great time planning your next trip. Let us know of your experiences with lost or delayed baggage. Keep checking out the next few articles for what to do when you actually do lose your bag.

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