(Photo Credits: Indian Eagle/Cedars )

As much as we love pizzas and pastas and want to taste the local cuisines of all the countries we visit, in our opinion, nothing can substitute the garma-garam rotis,  sabzis and samosas! So every couple of days, we need to find an Indian restaurant wherever we are! And maybe, you want to try Indian food in a dreamy destination you are going to! We have got you covered!

We have compiled a list of all the Indian Restaurants we have visited and plan to keep adding as we travel to more countries.

Paris(Near the Eiffel Tower) – Punjab – Yelp

Rome – Jaipur – Yelp

Athens – Indian Palace – Trip Advisor 

Mykonos(Near Paradise Beach) – Indian Palace – Trip Advisor

The only Indian Restaurant in Mykonos.

Los Angeles – (Santa Clarita) – Royal Tandoor – Yelp

Cape Town – Jewel of India

Muizenberg Beach – Bombay Chilli Indian Bistro – Trip Advisor

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