If you’re anything like us, the travel bug bites you quite frequently. If you’re a bit more like us, you might have jobs and vacation times and something of a budget.
If the list of places you want to visit is longer than your right arm, you probably want to make the most of every trip, as the chances of circling back for seconds are pretty slim.
If this holds true for you too, you’re probably a lot like us 🙂

Who are we, though?!

We are two fun loving girls who love our jobs as much as we love to travel. For better or for worse, our stories are all going to revolve around long weekends(Thank you America) and small vacations.
We would like to share some  of our fun-filled trips, our itineraries, places to visit, restaurants, what did and did not work for us.

Hope you have as much fun reading our blog, planning and going on your trips as we did!

Note: In case you were wondering, M & S would be our husbands.

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